I have to use PHP at work so I have been eyeing the CakePHP framework. Although it is nowhere near Rails in my opinion is does have some documentation and a big enough community. As my PHP development tool of choice I use Coda, from Panic. I know one of the latest features of Coda 1.5 was the ability to add your own Books so I thought I would write about how I setup a CakePHP book.

The assets

First, lets download the CakePHP Book logo I threw together. It took me awhile to get the image to align correctly in Coda, but if you have a better one let me know.

cake-book-logo.png.zip My inspiration came from the small CakePHP book on the “Learn” tab of the homepage.


Now in Coda, click “Books” and then the “+” sign at the bottom to add a new book. Make sure your settings match this:

Note: You have to click and drag the image into the “Cover Image” box to apply the graphic.


Hit “OK” and voila. Your very own CakePHP Book right in Coda.