So I have recently decided to get my act together, and start up my business ventures again. It has been a few years though, so I need to get my hands on some new accounting software. “So much has changed”, I though to myself. “There is going to be a lot of really cool accounting software to choose from.” Man was I wrong.

I searched for days only to be left with sore fingers and a mild headache. There is nothing out there for a Mac using business owner. I mean nothing. Apparently, I am not the only business owner with this dilemma. Luc Latulippe wrote about the exact same problem over a year ago. I will write more about my research and which product I finally decide on in a few days, but one thing has my blood boiling right now.

Quickbooks, the long time leader of business accounting software, offers an online version of their application for $9.95 a month. That’s half the price of its nearest competitor, Less Accounting. While Less Accounting is very cool, and not intended to compete directly with Quickbooks, I find it hard to pay more for less. Remember, I am going into business here and rule number one is to be cheap. Quickbooks Online has more features, is very well priced, and my accountant does not need to learn anything new since all accountants know Quickbooks. As a matter of fact, Quickbooks Online offers a completely separate login account for specifically for accountants. Cool, huh?


I usually will refrain from calling anyone stupid. It is unprofessional, usually hard to prove, and will put me in the line of fire. But the guys at Intuit are stupid. You see, you can only use Quickbooks Online from two web browsers.

Internet Explorer Mobile Safari Yes, Quickbooks online has an iPhone interface, but you can not use Safari for Mac. Over 25% of iPhone users own a Mac. Firefox, what’s that? Intuit is sitting on the best web based accounting software available at the moment, and then blocking tons of users because of browser compatibility. What the hell? It is nearly 2009, and you can not push out a cross browser web application? Wait, you can. You have the iPhone interface, but what about the Mac you dummies.

Sure, the web interface of Quickbooks Online will probably suck. Yes, there will be dozens of usability issues. Okay, it is probably extremely ugly. But remember it will do everything a small business will need for $10 a month, or it would if I could actually use it.