At $20 a month, Media Temple’s Grid-Service is an incredible bargain. I recently broke up with Django and decided to move my work back to Ruby on Rails. What follows is another tentative guide to installing Mephisto on Media Temple’s Grid Service.

First things first

Enable Rails container

Log in to your (mt) account center and select your primary domain. Click into the “(gs) GridContainers” section. Click the “manage” link for the Rails GridContainer. Click ‘Enable Container’. Note: You will need about 45 MB of ram dedicated to Mephisto.

Create the database

Click into the ‘Manage Databases’ section. Click the ‘Add A Database’ tab. Give your database a name and select a database type. Click ‘Next’. Setting up Ruby on Rails

ssh serveradmin%[email protected] **OS X Terminal [email protected] **Windows mtr generate_config **[email protected] and password mtr setup_rubygems source ~/.bash_profile gem install rails -y gem install mysql –source= gem install postgres –source=\r\ngem install daemons gem_plugin -y gem install mongrel –source=

Install Mephisto

cd $HOME/../../containers mkdir rails && cd rails svn co -r 2920 mephisto cd mephisto gem install tzinfo –remote cp config/database.example.yml config/database.yml

Note: Here we checkout revision 2920 instead of the head. 2920 is the latest revision of Mephisto to work without rails edge, although the 0.7.3 release was revision 2501.

Initialize Mephisto

rake db:bootstrap RAILS_ENV=production mtr add mephisto $PWD mtr start mephisto mtr generate_htaccess mephisto mtr create_link mephisto

Note: We do not have to manually create the log directory. It is automatically created when we rake the db.

That’s it! Now visit to see our result.


Mephisto on Media Temple Initial Setup of Ruby on Rails on (RoR) Container